Dig Day Eight -Mother Nature Hits Hard

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As your blogger took the liberty of having a day off, this post is courtesy of Director Mike and professional Archaeologist Giles, so many thanks to Mike and Giles for their contributions.


First the weather report. The aroma of sun cream, so redolent of the excavations over the past week, was blown across the site by gale force gusts today- but only the faintest touch of rain.
And down flopped the gazebos, first the one on the left full of excavation gear (no one took any notice) and next the tea tent (which focused minds wonderfully). Thankfully Caroline from Jubilee Cottage (where we dug last year) bounded to the rescue with Scout group expertise. At the same time, the ever resourceful Will Bowden decreed that large straps from our old marquee be fetched. He set about roping the gazebos down (literally- a rope across the top) then fastening them in a more robust and long lasting fashion- we hope.
Today was spent in ‘pit world’ with a number of circles in the sand being drawn by Giles then half sectioned and drawn. We are also rather proud of our resourceful use of the long pig irons to denote spoil heaps with the number attached. That might not sound important but we are nearly surrounded by spoil from different contexts and we are just about keeping up with the sieving.
Two of the three ditches are now pretty clear on the ground- and the other will yield to extra work. The flow of interesting pottery continues unabated as we enter the ‘business side’ of the excavation and begin to descend into the ditch areas. In trench 2, Neil and his happy band continue to puzzle over a burnt feature that probably isn’t Roman- but what is it? Chin stroking time again.
Tomorrow is ‘Open day’ when we are inviting members of the public to visit us between 14 00 and 16 00. Do tell your friends that we will be pleased to see them- so long as they park at the hotel.’

Tea Tent Blowing away

Tea tent going uphill

And this submission from Giles

We have now defined the inner ditch and a few large sherds of discarded pottery have emerged – including a good percentage of an indented New Forest Ware Beaker. – We also have the weird and wacky world of pits in-between two of the ditches, which have yielded a couple of residual later Neolithic looking flint cores alongside Roman pottery sherds in their backfill. In Trench 2 Neil and Millie have cleaned and photographed the ‘enigmatic’ clay surface – which has scars from post-medieval ploughing and shows evidence of intense heating suggesting the presence of a former superstructure (theories include ovens/corn-driers and similar) but a likely date is yet to be determined.

IMG_5943 (1)

One thought on “Dig Day Eight -Mother Nature Hits Hard”

  1. Dr Roger here – you guys have been making a lot of noise in our burrows deep under the field…. my members have found it very difficult to sleep whilst your racket continues….so few have much energy to go on our usual night manueuvres…. could you please tone it down a bit – a rabbit needs his daytime sleep too you know!
    So it`s been difficult to get my bunnies out on protest – but don`t think we won`t be back…
    By the way, that burnt area , your so called experts are thinking about? Don`t you realise that rabbits have a life too – we had a wonderful BBQ earlier in the summer, so you`ve probably just dug up our lovely BBQ area…. spoilsports!
    We`ll be back – perhaps after you`ve gone and we can play in your nice new grass area! That will be fun…
    Yours ever
    Dr Rogerx


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