TP 40 Stamped Rim Further Update

As I mentioned in the earlier update it appears that we have one of only four known examples of this particular stamp (referred to as a trade stamp by Kay Hartley) and they have all been found in Norfolk. Whilst pondering on this fact I took out the atlas of Norfolk and lo and behold it’s possible to lay a ruler and draw a straight line between Caistor and Denver running through Saham Toney and Upwell i.e all four finds sites for this particular stamp are on the line of the probable Roman road running between Caistor and Denver.  (see map on p.29 of “An Historical Atlas of Norfolk” edited by Trevor Ashwin and Alan Davison).

Although fairly flimsy evidence in support of the road theory I think it is a quite exciting find on out part. What’s also interesting is that to date we haven’t found anything similar in all of the previously excavated material, although hot off the press, Nat spotted a piece of stamped grey ware whilst rummaging through Atkinson’s small finds last week and this bears a similar stamp (see image below).

The challenge now is to find where pottery bearing this  particular stamp was made. Could there be evidence lurking amongst the Brampton assemblage for example?


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